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Creating a New Email Template


Saving your emails as templates lets you create standard, consistent message branding. It is also an important way to share email content with your sales users.

While editing any Message Composer, you can click the dropdown arrow next to Save and select Save as template. You can also create dedicated templates from scratch:

  1. Click Content Email Templates
  2. Click the blue plus sign
  3. Choose whether to start from a blank message or a pre-existing message
  4. From the General tab:
    • Add a Message Title
    • Add a Subject Line
    • Add Preview Text (best practice: up to 90 characters)
    • Select a Sender and Reply To address
    • You can also change the Subscription Category, add an Act-On Campaign, and add Google Analytics information or advanced custom analytics
  5. From the Design tab, select Stationery, add content, and adjust the message styling. To learn more, click here
  6. From the Review tab:
    • Preview your message as HTML, Text, and Mobile.
    • Validate your message and check your personalization. To learn more, click here.
  7. Click Save.
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