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Creating a New Email Template


  • Click Content Email Templates.
  • Click Actions > New Template, then choose a starting point.
  • From the General tab:
    • Add a Message Title.
    • Add a Subject Line.
    • Select a Sender and Reply To address.
  • From the Design tab, select Stationery, add content, and adjust the message styling. To learn how, click here
  • From the Review tab:
    • Preview your message as HTML, Text, and Mobile.
    • Validate your message and check your personalization. To learn how, click here.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Content > Email Templates, then click either Actions > Stock Templates or the down-arrow > Copy.
  • You will be prompted to confirm creating a copy, click OK.
  • Hover over the newly-created copy, and click the down-arrow > Edit.
  • Edit the template (as described above).

Note: This option is not available for uploaded templates or copies of uploaded templates.

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