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Using the Templates Listing

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users, Web Developers

  • Learn how to manage the Templates listing
  • Allow sales users to use Act-On templates in Salesforce
The Templates listing allows you to choose a predefined message layout to begin working from.

For further information on what templates are and how they differ from drafts or stationery, see the article Managing Templates: Overview.

To access your template listing, navigate to Content > Email TemplatesThere are two sub-categories: Templates, and Stock Templates.

  • Stock Templates: New messages can be created based on stock templates, but the underlying template can't be modified or deleted. If you would like to customize one of these templates, your edited version will appear in the My Templates category.
  • Templates: These are templates created by you. They can be added, edited, or removed by you
  • Preview: Allows you to quickly see the appearance of the template within your browser window
  • Edit: Allows you to edit the message template.
  • Copy: In both My Templates and Stock Templates, you can copy a template to create a new listing entry. This copy can then be differentiated from the original while leaving the original untouched.
  • Move: Available for My Templates only. This allows you to organize your templates into your folder directory structure.
  • Delete: Available for My Templates only. This removes the template from the listing. Any existing or previous messages based on the template elsewhere in Act-On are not affected if the template is removed.
  • Create New Message: Generates a new message based on your template. If you click New Message, the message you see will be a new unsaved draft. Edits made will not affect your template and will apply only to your draft message.

Choose which folders to share

You can also share entire email template folders with your sales team to use from Salesforce. This allows sales users to send marketing-approved email messages to their individual leads or contacts.

  • Click Content, and choose Email Templates.
  • Hover over your Folders and click Manage.
  • Place a check mark in the second column Include/Exclude Folders for Salesforce Users of any folder you want to share with sales users.

You can share all of your folders or create folders specifically for use by your sales team (a folder called 'Sales', for example). You can then move any template you wish to share into the Sales folder (or copy it and then move it to make the template available in each folder). To copy a template, hover over the template and click Copy. You will then be able to hover over the email message, and click Move to move the template to the folder you're sharing with your sales team.

When sales users send an Act-On email message through Salesforce, they will see all the templates available including their specific folder 'Sales' that contains the templates set up for their use.

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