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Using Generic Text with Personalization

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users, Graphic Designers, Web Developers
OBJECTIVES: Learn ways to manage missing personalization data

You can choose generic text to be used as a fallback in case personalization data is missing or otherwise not available.

 Within the Design step of the email composer:

  1. Edit the Rich Text block.
  2. Click the Insert Personalization Field tool (the icon looks like a red 'F') for a list of the standard field names available for use in your message.
  3. Enter the optional generic text to display if your recipient doesn't have a value for the field.

For example, assume you're using the First Name standard field name, and then entering 'Hello!' if the First Name field is missing. This would require the following text in the Rich Text block:

{{={{First Name}},|Hello!}}

This tells Act-On: "If there's a first name on record, put it here (followed by a comma); otherwise, just use Hello!"

You can do something similar using any field name. For example, if your list includes a field named HomeCity, the string shown below might appear in your message as 'How's the weather in Dallas?' or 'How's the weather in Portland?' or 'How's the weather in your home town?' depending on whether there's anything in the HomeCity field:

How's the weather in {{={{HomeCity}}|your home town}}?

With a bit of experimentation, you can use this same format to specify what text to substitute for missing personalization data.

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