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Act-On Software

Sent Message Report Options


After you've sent your Act-On email message, you will have access to various robust reports to help you analyze the success of the message and view responses.

 Access the Outbound drop-down menu and select Sent. This will bring you to a list of your sent messages. You may choose to view messages using different time intervals to help narrow your search. Select the time frame in the upper left corner of the page.

Hover over the message to view additional options.

  • Hover over a sent message, click the down-arrow > New option to compose a new message based on the sent message content. The new message will appear as its own line item with its own statistics. 
  • To add additional recipients to a message, click Add Recipients and select a new marketing list or use the same recipients chosen previously. One reason to choose to resend rather than creating a new message is that a resend will add the new recipient statistics to the statistics of your original send, while a new message creates a new line item.
  • Click the down-arrow > Report to view a detailed analysis of your message that includes statistics and metrics about your message and the responses.
    • Total Sent: The total number of messages that were sent to valid recipients. This number does not include recipients that failed or were suppressed. 
    • Not Sent / Suppressed: Messages that are not sent are most often due to a failure like an invalid email address or missing personalization fields. Messages can also be suppressed if a recipient has opted out of your message communications or because of duplicate email addresses. 
    • Opened: The unique number of individuals who have opened your messages.
    • Bounced: The number of messages that bounced upon reaching their specified domain. Hard bounce and soft bounce messages are the two types that you may encounter.
    • Did Not Open: Recipients who received your message but did not view it.
    • Clicked: The unique number of recipients who clicked on any link in your email message. Clicking this statistic will allow you to see further details, like who clicked on a specific link and when.
    • Total Times Opened: The total number of times your message has been viewed, including multiple views by a single recipient.
    • Total Effective Opens: This measures clickthroughs as 'effective opens' when a contact does not have a confirmed open. Only the first click will count as a total effective open. This is not a measure of total opens + clicks. 
    • Total Times Clicked: The total number of times that links in your message were clicked. To view the number of people who have taken action on your message, see the Clicked statistic.
    • Last Opened: The last date and time your message was viewed by a recipient.
    • Last Clicked: The last date and time your message was clicked on by a recipient.
    • Opt-Outs: The number of people who have opted out of communications from this message.
    • Spam Complaints: The total number of spam complaints received by the message. It is highly advised to keep this number as low as possible by keeping your list clean, using opt-in options for email recipients, and reviewing message content for relevancy.
    • Responses So Far: This is shown only if a multiple choice option was used in your message. Recipients will be shown in a list format with their response to your question.
  • The Make Landing Page option allows you to compose a new landing page.
  • Click the down-arrow to rename your message, delete your message and report, or direct you to an associated form. 
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