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Scheduling an Email for Delivery


When you create or edit a message, the final step in the email composer allows you to choose to send the message immediately or schedule it to be delivered at a later date and time.

If you choose to schedule it, rather than deliver it immediately, your message will be saved in the Outbound menu under Scheduled.

While the message is in the Scheduled list, you can edit it, reschedule it, or change recipients.

To schedule your message for launch:

  1. In the Send step of the email composer, select the radio button next to Send at the following time.
  2. Specify the date and time by clicking the calendar icon and the appropriate drop-down selections.
  3. Click Send HTML Message.
  4. Click Schedule. To change the scheduled time or recipient list or to edit the message, click Go Back.



The addresses you have selected within the recipient list will be determined at the scheduled launch time, rather than when the message is created.

For example, if you choose a list segment of 100 people for your recipient list at the time of scheduling, then you add 25 people to the segment before the message launches, the message will launch with the current list segment count of 125.

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