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Sending Email Messages

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

Sending an email message is a quick and easy process. You can choose to either send the message immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later time.

If you're not familiar with how to compose an email message, see the article Starting a New Email Message for further information.

Under the Send tab of the email composer, you will see four options to send your message:

  • Send now
  • Send at the following time
  • Send in the recipient's time zone
  • Send over time

Under the Send tab of the email composer:

  1. Click on the Send now radio buttonfollowed by clicking Submit Launch Request.
  2. A confirmation window will appear showing the details of the message such as the 'From' address, the recipient list(s), and the time that the message will be sent.
  3. Click Send and the message will be sent right away.

Note: When in the confirmation window, if you see any changes that need to be made, simply click the Go Back button. This will return you to the Send tab where you can go back to any of the previous steps to make the necessary changes.

Under the Send tab of the email composer

  1. Click on the Send at the following time radio button.
  2. Specify the date to send your message by clicking on the Date field.
  3. Change the time by clicking on the drop-down menus for the hour, minutes, and either AM or PM.
  4. Change the time zone, if necessary, using the Time Zone drop-down menu.
  5. Click Submit Launch Request.

Time Zone Send allows you to send your message over a 24 hour time period that hits your contacts inbox at a set time based on their location.

For example:

  • If you want your message delivered to your recipients inbox at 1:30 PM you can use Time Zone Send to drip your emails out over a 24 hour period.
  • When your recipients time zone comes into focus, your message will launch to that set of contacts at 1:30.

Note: Time Zone Send is currently a controlled feature. Please contact support to activate the feature.

To use Time Zone Send:

  1. If your contact list(s) don't have time zone information in them, then you will need to add them. The correct format is the *TZ column below. If you already have a Time zone column in your list, skip ahead.
  2. Select the list you would like to add time zone information to and click the down-arrow > Maintenance > Change List Columns.
  3. Add a new column called Time Zone (or whatever else you would like).
  4. Click the down-arrow on your list > Maintenance > Identify List Columns.
  5. Make sure your Contacts Time zone has been mapped to your Time zone column.
  6. Click the down-arrow on your list and choose Maintenance > Setup Maintenance Program.
  7. Click Add Step > Change Field Value
  8. Specify the field and select Set Value to Contact Timezone
  9. After starting, the maintenance program will look at phone numbers, zip codes, and addresses to set the time zone when possible. If a particular send has recipients in all time zones, the (time zone) launch can take up to 24 hours to complete. Because of this, once you schedule a time zone launch, it will figure out when emails need to start sending, and then show up in the Sent Message Listing. If a recipient does not have a time zone associated with it or the time zone value is improperly formatted, then the email is sent using the account’s time zone.


Note: It's recommended to schedule Time Zone Send messages 24 hours in advance of the first time zone you would like to set to.

For example, if you want your first message to go out at 1:30 PM PST - schedule that message 24 hours in advance. If you don't, all time zones that have already passed will be sent the message immediately.

Cancel a Launch Request

When using the Time Zone Send feature, you may cancel a message during it's launch by selecting the drop down box for this message and selecting Stop Launch.

This button can also be found in the Message Report.

If you are sending a message that isn't necessarily time sensitive or are sending a message that you are expecting a flood of responses, you can use Send Over Time to spread out the delivery.

When you choose to use Send Over Time, you will set a window that you would like your messages delivered in. We will evenly split your contacts into groups and every 15 minutes within the time frame you set, we will send your message to a batch of contacts.

For example: If you are sending a message to 100k active contacts with a call-to-action leading back to your website, you can split up how many contacts receive your message so you can be sure that all resources like your server, customer service, sales, etc are able to handle the load.

To use Send Over Time:

  1. Under the Send tab in the new message composer, choose Send Over Time.
  2. Set the Start Date and End Date.
  3. Set the time frame that you would like your message to be delivered between. For example: You can set your message to only send during your business hours.
  4. Set the Time Zone for when you would like your messages delivered. For example - Pacific Daylight Time or Eastern Daylight Time.
  5. Click Submit Launch Request.

Cancel a Launch Request

When using the Send Over Time feature, you may cancel a message during it's launch by selecting the drop down box for this message and selecting Stop Launch.

This button can also be found in the Message Report.


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