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Tips for Reviewing Email Messages


After you design your message you will want to review for accuracy. Using the 3 tabs under your message, you can preview as HTML, Text, and Mobile as well as use Litmus test your message across multiple email clients to ensure your message displays properly.

Act-On allows email messages or templates to be previewed within your web browser to see what your message layout will look like for the recipient. When previewing your message you will have 3 different previews: HMTL, Text, and Mobile.

Using the 3 tabs at the bottom of the preview screen, click on each to preview how your message will display.




Displays your message in a rich text HTML format.
Displays your message in a plain text format. When you send an HTML message, Act-On also automatically includes a text-only version that can be displayed by older email programs.
A message in this 'two-in-one' format is commonly called a multipart message.
Displays your message in a mobile format.

Sample Preview

By enabling Sample Preview, you can check the personalization of the email to some of your target audience. Make sure to add a recipient list with at least 1 contact, then click the checkbox next to Sample Preview. Click the No Personalization drop-down menu to select a recipient, and to view the email with personalization.

Once your email message is addressed and designed, you can then review the message for accuracy. This will ensure that the necessary components are included in the message, and that the message is sent properly.

By default, Act-On will validate your email message to ensure the following components are present. Note: that these are required components. If you see a red 'X' next to them, navigate back to the address or design step and make the necessary corrections.

  • Sender
  • Subject Line
  • Recipients
  • Content
  • Sender Name & Address (CANSPAM)
  • HTML & Text Opt-Out Links (CANSPAM)

The spam check shows scores, pass/fail information and specific rules that have been triggered for the following filters: MessageLabs, Barracuda, Outlook, and SpamAssassin.

  • MessageLabs - MessageLabs is another server-side spam filter, owned by Symantec. Like Postini it is in use mainly by large organizations.
  • Barracuda - Barracuda Spam Firewall is an expensive hardware spam filter that is installed by large organizations within their own data center.
  • SpamAssassin - A very popular open source spam filter. Here we are testing against version 3.3, using its default settings.
  • Outlook - The built-in junk e-mail filter for Outlook, which ships as part of Microsoft Office. This has various sensitivity settings, here we have set it to 'High'.

Additionally, a history of results for messages has been added in order to see if changes made during testing have helped lower your score from previous tests:

Using Litmus you are able to generate previews and test content in various Email Clients.

To test with Litmus:

  • From the Review tab, click on Test with Litmus then select Generate Previews Now.
  • A new window will open displaying generated screenshots of your message in various email clients.
  • Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the preview.

Your Act-On account is provisioned with a set number of active contacts (unique email addresses). You can mail multiple times in one month to the same contacts, and those contacts are counted only once. When you prepare to send to a list that contains new contacts, Act-On reviews the number of active contacts you've already used this month, and counts the new contacts in the list you want to send to. If the combined amount exceeds your subscription, the system will tell you that this message cannot be launched.

Act-On will notify you if you fall within or are in excess of your active contacts limit. If you fall within your limits, you can move onto the Send tab to either send or schedule your message. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you are over your limit.

After completing reviewing your message:

  • Click Check Account Limits
  • Check Account Limits Now to check the allotted active contacts limit in your account.

Check for personalization errors that would cause a message to not be sent to one or more contacts.

Click the checkbox next to Check Spelling for Act-On to perform a spell check.


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