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Validating the Components of an Email Message and Checking for Personalization Errors

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

Once your email message is composed and addressed, you can then review the message for accuracy. This will ensure that the necessary components are included in the message, and that the message is sent properly.


  • Create a new email message, or edit an existing message draft.
  • After you address and design your message, click the Review tab.
  • By default, Act-On will validate your email message to ensure the following components are present. These are required components. If you see a red 'X' next to them, navigate back to the Address/Design tabs to make the necessary corrections. 
    • Subject Line
    • Recipients
    • Content
    • Sender Name and Address
    • HTML and Text Opt-Out Links
  • The following validations are optional and can be bypassed. They will only show a warning symbol if you decide not to use them.
    • Test Message Has Not Been Sent
    • No Category Selected

If all the validation steps above are set, you can check for personalization errors by following the steps below:

  • From the Review tab. click the Sample Preview drop-down.
  • Select a name to preview.
  • Your message will update within the message viewer. 
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