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Working with Auto-Response (Triggered) Messages

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Learn where to view triggered messages
  • Identify the four types of triggered messages
There are four types of auto-response (triggered) messages: Forms, Programs, Webinars, and Other.


locate your triggered messages

  • Click Outbound Triggered Messages

types of triggered messageS

  • Forms – These are confirmation email messages defined in the Settings page for Act-On forms.
  • Programs – These messages are associated with Send Email steps in automated programs.
  • Webinars – These messages are associated with the Webinars feature.
  • Other – When you delete a program or click the Clear link within a program step, the associated messages move from the Programs page to this page.  Likewise, when you delete a form, the associated auto-response message moves from the Forms page to this page. Lastly, this page lists the optional messages sent via the manually accept/reject feature in Webinars.
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