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Forward to a Friend



You can add a link to your Act-On email that encourages your recipients to forward the message.

Enable Forwarding

  1. In the Email Composer, add a Rich Text block and select the Social Share option
  2. Choose Forward to a Friend

When the original email recipient clicks this hyperlink, they will be sent to an Act-On landing page that allows them to enter their friend or colleague's name and email address. 

After the friend's or colleague's information is submitted, Act-On will send a copy of the original email directly to the colleague.

Check Your Forwarding List

To see who has received a Forward to a Friend email, you can review your Forward to a Friend list.

You can find the Forward to a Friend list under:  Contacts > Other Lists > Account List > Contacts folder

Note: This list will not be displayed if it does not contain any contacts.


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