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Act-On Software

Addressing an Email Message to Specific Recipients


Act-On allows you to be very precise about whom you send – or don't send – email messages to.

From the Address tab in the message composer:

  1. Click Choose Specific People
  2. Choose a list to search through for your recipient
  3. Either search or scroll to find your desired recipient.
  4. Click Submit when you are finished adding recipients.

Note: When sending to specific recipients you can only choose lists or segments with 2500 contacts or below.

  1. Click Choose Lists or Segments
  2. Choose your lists/segments 
  3. Click Submit
    • You can send and suppress multiple lists in the same campaign. This protects you from sending a message to a contact on a suppressed list who is also included on a recipient list.
    • List choices include: Account lists, Marketing lists, Signup lists, Webinars lists, and all segments of those lists
    • Act-On automatically suppresses all contacts in your Opt-Out, Hard Bounces, Spam Complaints, and Email Suppression Domains lists, as well as duplicates. If duplicate suppression is not desired, uncheck the Suppress Duplicates at the top of the screen.


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