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Sending a Test Email Message


Act-On provides the ability to send messages to yourself or to a colleague present on your test list. Always be sure to send yourself a test message before sending out an email message, as the appearance of your message may be different in your email client.

If an email message looks different between your preview in Act-On and in your email client, this is due to your email client.

Act-On is not changing the appearance and can't display all changes an email client may make within the editor. This is due to the substantial differences in email HTML rendering ability between email clients. Email clients do not follow web design or feature standards like web browsers do, and many popular mail clients, such as Outlook or Gmail, have limited support of modern HTML or CSS.

Send a Test Message

You have the ability to test the email from any tab in the new message composer.

To test your message:

  1. Click Test from any tab in the message composer.
  2. Select the version to send, either HTML or Text.
  3. Enter a Subject Line Prefix (Example: Test Email).
  4. Select your Test Recipients from the available options:
    • Yourself
    • Other users on your account
    • Your Test List
  5. Choose OK in the popup prompt to send the the test message.

Once your test message has been sent you should be able to view it in your inbox momentarily. You can also view the report for your test message to check for suppression's or opens by going to Outbound > Test Messages and hover over the desired test-send. Click Reports to view 

Note: Test messages that are untouched after 90 days will automatically be deleted from the account. This means that the message report will be inaccessible and any message links will no longer be functional.

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