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Creating Dynamic Content in Email Messages


You can define entire sections of your message – including text, hyperlinks and graphics – that will display differently for recipients depending on profile-attribute rules you specify. The Dynamic Content block allows you to launch a single message to your Marketing list and still provide targeted information for each contact.

 More customized responses are provided by a single confirmation email associated with forms or automated programs.

To insert dynamic content into a message:

  1. Click Outbound > Drafts -or- click Content > Templates.
  2. Hover over the message, and click the down-arrow > Edit.
  3. Click the Design tab and drag the Dynamic Content block into the message composer.
  4. Click If [Untitled Condition]
  5. Enter a short description for the condition.
  6. Click the Contact Field drop-down and determine the field to be used to create the segment.
  7. Specify the Condition of the contact field and the Criteria that should be found in that particular Contact Field.
  8. If multiple conditions are required for the specific Dynamic Content block, you can add another profile condition using the Add Profile Condition link.
  9. Enter an Else statement by clicking in the rich text editor.
  10. Click Add Conditional Content to add more Dynamic Content sections within the message.
  11. If a contact does not qualify for the Dynamic Content Condition(s), you can specify the content you want them to receive
  12. Click Close.
  13. Save your message or template.
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