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Using the Pictures Block in an Email


The Pictures block provides access to your Images library, and allows you to insert an image with text on any side of the image. You can also insert images into a Rich Text block via the Image icon.
  1. Begin a new email message or open an existing draft.
  2. From the Design tab, hover over the Picture Strip Block.
  3. Click and Hold the block using your mouse cursor and drag the block into your message, a new container will appear. Release your mouse to drop the block when it is in the appropriate place in your message.


Add an Image

  1. Click on the Add image box located in the Picture Strip window.
  2. The Select Picture window will appear, click on the image you would like to use and click Submit.
  3. If you choose, add a target URLAlt text, set the image alignment, and add a description.

The result:

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