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Adding a Form Link to an Email


Links to Act-On forms can be inserted as calls-to-action within your email message. When you specify the form, you also have the ability to pre-fill the form fields if your email recipient clicks through the link in the email.

Please note: This feature only works with Classic Forms. To share New Forms in an email, you must embed it into a Landing Page, then link to that page.

Follow the steps below to insert a form link in your message:

  1. Compose a new email message or edit an existing draft
  2. Drag in a new Rich Text Block or click the Pencil icon on an existing block
  3. Highlight the text or image you wish to use as a hyperlink
  4. Click Insert Link to Act-On Form (form icon under the Font Family menu)
  5. Hover over the relevant form and click Select
  6. Check the box for Pre-fill if desired
  7. Click Insert
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