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Adding Social Media Sharing to Emails


Using Social Share and Forward to a Friend, you are able to provide your recipients links to promote your marketing content on your behalf directly in your message. Alternatively, if you would prefer to add social media icons within your email that link back to your personal page or company profile, this can also be done.

Social Share Blocks

  1. From the design tab in the message composer, drag a new section into your message or simply drag the Social Share Block into your message.
  2. Design tab in Social Share
    • Select/Order: Click and drag the icons until you have the correct order.
    • Style: Choose from four icon styles.
    • Size: Choose whether you want small, medium, or large icons.
    • Properties: Add a padding between your icons and set your alignment and layout.
  3. Content tab in Social Share
    • Prompt: The prompt is the text which shows above the social sharing buttons.
    • Title: The title is the text which is sent to Twitter and LinkedIn for sharing. The message subject line will be used if left blank.
    • Link: This is the link that gets shared in Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. The default message link is used if left blank.

  1. From the Design Tab, hover over the Rich Text block.
  2. Click and Hold the Rich Text block using your mouse cursor and drag the block into your message, a new container will appear. Release your mouse to drop the block when it is in the appropriate place in your message.
  3. The Rich Text Editor will appear.
  4. Click the Social Share icon.
  5. Choose either Invite to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter or Forward to a Friend.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Your message will now display the Social Share links.

In the event you want to have social media icons displayed in your email that simply link back to your profiles, this can be done in a few ways. Using either the Rich Text Block with a table layout or the Image Block along with a section or two can achieve the result you're looking for.

  1. Drag the Rich Text Block into your message.
  2. Click Insert/Edit Table and set the number of Columns/Rows you will need. Click Insert.
  3. Click into the first column of your table and depending on the image you wish to use, click either Insert Image from Act-On Library or Insert/Edit Image if you have the image link handy.
  4. Choose your image and repeat until you have all of your social media icons in place.
  5. Next we will need to add the links to each of your profiles. Click the icon followed by Insert Link. Add the link URL and click Insert. Repeat until all social icons have profile links behind them then click OK.
  6. To center your table as shown in the example, flip over to the HTML editor and put your table between some center tags <center> your table goes here</center>.

The result:

Image Blocks

Using the image block along with sections will allow you to achieve a similar result to using the Rich Text Block.

  1. Drag a Section into your message.
  2. Drag in Image Block into the first section. Click Add Image and choose the first social media icon you wish to add, click Select.
  3. Add a Target URL that links to your profile, then click OK.
  4. Repeat until you have finished.
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