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Adding Anchors to Emails and Landing Pages


Anchors are frequently used in messages containing a significant amount of content (e.g., newsletters with numerous articles). They allow message recipients to navigate directly to specific portions of a message.

You can add a list of links to different sections of the message, allowing users to navigate to a section quickly and easily. You can also add links that go to anchors within your Act-On Landing Pages. 

Add anchors to email sections

  1. Open your email message
  2. Hover over the Rich Text Block and click the Pencil icon to edit
  3. Highlight the title or first word of the section where the anchor should go
  4. Click Insert/Edit Anchor (Anchor icon)
  5. Provide a name for the anchor (eg, 'myanchor1') that is:
    • Simple
    • Not the same as another anchor
    • Letters and numbers only (no spaces)
  6. Click Insert.
  7. Highlight the text to link to your anchor and click Insert/Edit Link
  8. Add the # symbol, then the anchor name from above (eg, '#myanchor1')
  9. Click Insert

Add anchors to landing pages

  1. Navigate to Content > Landing Pages
  2. Edit your landing page and go to the Design tab
  3. Navigate to the section or block where you want the anchor to go, then click on it to open the editor
  4. Click the i at the top of the editor to expand the Meta Data section
  5. Copy the ID (including the '#' symbol) and paste it somewhere for reference

To link to this anchor from the same Landing Page, add a link to a Rich Text Block and have it go to only that ID:

To link to this anchor from a different Landing Page:

  1. Exit the editor, then to the right of the Landing Page, click the down arrow and select Get Public URLs
  2. Copy the public URL for that Landing Page
  3. Open your second Landing Page, highlight the text to link to your anchor, and click Insert/Edit Link
  4. Add both elements you copied, together with no spaces:
    1. The Public URL
    2. The ID of the content block
      (eg, .../acton/media/landingpage#block-123)
  5. Click Insert
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