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Creating an Email Signature


When composing an email message it is important to consider the overall consistency of your branding. Messages should be concluded with a signature that reflects, or at the very least, does not conflict with the overall look and feel of the message.

It is also important for the signature to provide contact information appropriate for the type of message being sent (i.e. nurturing, sales follow-up, etc.).

A Signature block is present in the email composer by default if you choose Start From a Blank Message. If you choose to Start From A Draft Message, Start From An Existing Template, or Start From A Sent Message the Signature block will only be present if it was previously a part of the saved or sent content.

To Replace the Default Signature When Starting From a Blank Message:

  1. From the Design tab, hover over the Signature Block and click the Pencil icon.
  2. A pop up box will display your available signatures. Click on the signature you would like to use in the message, your signature will update automatically.
  3. For administrators, all signatures found in Account Signatures and My Signatures will appear for selection.
  4. For marketing users, the signatures that appear will be the ones that you have the privileges to access.
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