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Email Headers and Footers


A default header and footer are always used when you create a new email message. You have the ability to use any of the custom headers or footers that you've created in your Act-On account, or completely suppress them from being used.

Below are some key points to note regarding headers and footers:

  • Email headers allow your email recipients to view the email in a browser window.
    • Typically, email clients (like Outlook or Gmail) are not as capable as web browsers (like Chrome or Firefox) in rendering HTML, so this allows your recipients to view the email the way it was intended
  • Email headers also provide your recipients with a click-through link at the top of the email message, allowing Act-On to 'cookie' them sooner
  • The default footer will always include the profile organization's name and address that you have set up in your Act-On account as well as the Act-On opt-out link.
    • All three components are required to make sure your email messages are CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • If you decide to suppress the footer, ensure that the organization name, physical address of your organization, and the Act-On opt-out link are found somewhere within the body of your email message

When creating a new message, the default header and footer will be used.

Changing header or footer

Hover over Outbound, click New Message. The Compose a Message window will appear.

  1. Click Start With a Blank Message or choose from one of the other five options.
  2. Hover over the the header or footer of the email, then click the pencil icon.
  3. A window will appear with options: define new, edit current, suppress, or use existing.
    email header.PNG
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