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Act-On Software

Email Branding Overview


Act-On email messages can be customized in a variety of ways using the message builder instead of creating custom HTML content and uploading it to Act-On.

Several ways to customize your email branding are described below:

  • Stationery: You can choose from any of the stock or custom stationeries in your Act-On account to modify the border or 'wrapper' around your email message
  • Logo: You can choose from any of the uploaded logos in your Act-On account. Remember, the stationery you choose will determine where the logo will be placed.
  • Font/Font Size: You can choose the default font and font size that are used for your email text
  • Padding: By clicking Change, you have the ability to customize the space between the border of your stationery and the text of your message
  • Structure: The structure allows you set the width of your message, either align the message to the left or centered, and suppress your logo if you choose.
  • Add a Section: Add a section allows you to build your message layout quickly using a combination of a basic, two column, or three column section. Each section severs as a container to drop blocks.
  • Column Background, Block Spacing & Padding: You can choose to set the column background, block padding and spacing for each section you add. Choose from setting the padding on the top, right, bottom, and left of the message.
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