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Using Subscription Management in Emails


The Subscription Management feature is designed to allow your email recipients to opt-in or opt-out of specific categories of mail.

This helps reduce the number of 'opt-out of all' requests generated by your email recipients by enabling those only interested in newsletters to specifically opt-out of promotional mail, for example.

To turn the Subscription Management feature on:

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Subscription Management.
  2. You must first set up your categories. The feature is turned off by default. Under Subscription Categories, click the checkbox to enable your subscription categories then click Save.
  3. Once your subscription categories are enabled, toggle the on/off switch to the ON position by clicking Off.
  4. Then customize your message to your recipients (or use the default text).
  5. Next, you need to establish your categories. For instance, 'Promotional' for your marketing email, 'Newsletter' for your newsletters, and perhaps others depending on your business. To add additional categories, select Add.
  6. Click Save.


The Subscription Management configuration page allows you to toggle this feature on and off. You can customize your categories and appearance while still keeping the on/off switch in the off position. This allows you to completely configure everything prior to your first deployment.

Add Subscription Management to Email Messages

Once you have your established your categories, you need to categorize all new email messages going forward using the Category option.

In the Address step for any new message , draft, or template, you will see the Subscription Category option near top of the dialog window. If you do not see the Category option, ensure that the Subscription Management feature is turned on.



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