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Managing Replies to Sent Messages


As you send messages on behalf of others, you might sometimes want the replies to go to an email address other than the sender's. In the Address step of the message editor, you can select an alternate Reply To address to manage the destination of these replies. This address will receive all return messages sent from the recipient's email client.

To set an alternate Reply To Address:

  1. Within the Address step of the email message editor, find the Reply To drop-down menu.
  2. Click Reply To and select the address you would like to receive replies.
Note: This list contains only the From Addresses that have been added and verified through the Users Section of the Settings menu. For details on how to create additional From addresses, see the article Add From Addresses.

You can now continue the process of creating and sending your message.

Keep in mind that automated replies (e.g. out-of-office notices) do not follow the normal reply rules. Recipients for such messages may either be the Reply To or the From address, depending on the email client. To manage these responses, you can also create rules in your email client. Rules can be used to ensure that the replies are sent to a specific folder in your client rather than to the inbox.

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