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New Message Overview


To Start a New Email Message hover over Outbound, and choose New Message. A new window will appear giving you 6 message starting points.

To start a new email, navigate to Outbound and choose New Message.

Message Types

  • Blank Message – Begin composing a new message using the default layout with no pre-existing content
  • Draft Message – Import a draft message you have previously begun composing. Upon sending the draft, your message will move from Drafts to the Sent area.
  • Template Message – Templates are like drafts, except a template is saved in the Templates area and will not be moved into the Sent area when a copy of the template is used
  • Sent Message – Generate a copy of a previously-sent message, so that you can reuse its content
  • Upload Message Code – Import a pre-designed HTML file or a zip file of the HTML and images. Alternatively, raw HTML can also be copied and pasted into the block that this feature will embed into your message.
  • Plain Text Message – Generate a plain-text message with no images or hyperlinks. Plain-text images cannot be tracked for opens, but are necessary for some older or highly-restrictive email clients.

Message Creation Steps

Once you've selected a starting point for your message, Act-On displays the message editor which walks you through four steps to create and send your message.

  • Address: Choose the list of recipients and suppression lists for your message. You can choose to send your message to individuals or to an entire group of lists.
  • Design: Add New Blocks, Stationery, Logo, Font, and Font Size. Edit the content of your message.
  • Review: Check your Validation Results, Preview with Litmus, and view Account Limits.
  • Send: Schedule your message for immediate delivery or to be sent at a specific date and time in the future.
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