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Beacon Tracking Mode Details


You can set your Act-On Beacon Tracker to different modes based on your desired experience and level of privacy for users. Each allows you to manage cookies differently.

User Experience

When your customers and prospects visit your Act-On landing pages and forms, or any web pages containing the Act-On Beacon Tracker, they will be asked via a pop-up message if a cookie may be placed on their browser.

  • If they consent, an opt-in cookie will be placed and they will not be asked again.
  • If they decline, they will be asked again on each trackable page they visit. Note that visitors will be asked to opt-in separately to pages hosted by Act-On in addition to those hosted by your own domain.

When a message recipient clicks on a link in an email message, an intermediate page will appear before they get to their target destination, asking if the opt-in cookie may be stored.

For customers whose organizational policies place restrictions on the tracking of website visitors, or who are subject to the European Union ePrivacy Directive related to tracking cookies, you can choose to implement one of the cookie tracking modes described below.

You can set the tracking modes while setting up the Beacon, or at any time afterwards.

This option is an account-wide setting that allows you to interact with customers and prospects without setting any Act-On tracking cookies from web page visits, form submits, or message clickthroughs.  This option provides the most complete set of website metrics by automatically saving tracking information about every prospect to your website. This setting is used upon setting the Act-On Beacon Tracker code on your website and/or blog. Your prospects browsing experience will not be affected.

Which analytics are available with this option?

  • Message responses tracked in individual message reports
  • Anonymous landing page and form views
  • Anonymous website prospect traffic, if you choose to place the Act-On Beacon Tracker on your website

This account-wide setting gives your prospects a choice to either opt-in to having tracking information saved, or to opt-out of having tracking information saved. A one-time opt-out cookie will be placed to ensure prospects receive no further requests for permission to save the tracking information when they deny permission.

This account-wide setting provides a modified version of Act-On Beacon Tracker code which, when placed on your website, will ask prospects via a pop-up message if a cookie may be placed on their browser. This same opt-in request will be made when prospects view landing pages and forms, and when clicking on links in email messages. Once the prospect grants permission, their browsing experience will be the same as the Standard mode described above.

This account-wide setting does not cookie your visitors at all. Visitors will not be tracked, and all visitors will appear as “anonymous” in Website Prospector. This mode is not recommended unless you must comply with strict privacy regulations.

There may be times when an organization's policies do not allow for the tracking of website prospects. If you need to disable the Beacon Tracker code for your Act-On account, follow these steps.

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