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Beacon Tracker Overview

Act-On's Beacon Tracker helps you uncover how prospective customers find you and shows useful information about them.

With Act-On, you go beyond traditional website analytics and drill down to the nitty-gritty of marketing and sales intelligence, answering questions like:

Who is visiting your website?

  • Find out which companies are visiting your site before they ever fill out a form
  • Use the Anonymous Visitors feature to target likely prospects at those companies
  • Learn the referring domains and marketing campaigns that drove traffic to your site

What are they looking for?

  • See the pages and content each prospect is viewing, as well as the search terms they're using while on your website – all in real time
  • Gage the content types and topics that deliver the biggest payoff, then optimize your website to capitalize on this knowledge

Why Use the Beacon Tracker?

The Beacon Tracker allows you to track the activity of anonymous and known prospects coming to your website, forms, landing pages, or any web resource into which you can place JavaScript code. The Beacon Tracker ties together many of the core functions of marketing automation.

A key use of prospect tracking is to gather the online behavioral history of prospects at the 'top of funnel' and 'middle of funnel". Behavioral activity history gathered by Beacon tracking can be leveraged by different parts of the Act-On system to let you:

  • Segment your lists based on what your prospects are interested in
  • Target relevant messages based on what is engaging
  • Score your prospects so sales can focus on leads who are more ready to buy
  • Generate higher quality prospects through behavior-aware drip programs
  • Know what a specific prospect is interested in based on their activity history
  • Alert sales immediately when key buying signals are detected
  • Research the companies who are visiting your site anonymously
  • Enrich your prospect database with relevant business prospects who are visiting your site anonymously

Benefits include:

  • Compliance with international privacy regulations
  • Asynchronous loading, which means that pages load simultaneously with the new tracker
  • Compatibility with tag management tools like Google Tag Manager
  • Tracking of multiple events on a single page, such as multiple tab clicks on the same page
  • Foundation for Act-On to track additional visit stats using JavaScript

For best results, install the Beacon code only on the web pages that pertain to your Act-On marketing activities.

  1. Determine which of your web pages will use Act-On content or directly relate to your Act-On initiatives
  2. Access the HTML of those pages
  3. Paste in the Beacon tracking code

If you install the Beacon on multiple additional pages that are not part of your Act-On marketing strategy, this can negatively impact the performance of your reporting.


Before utilizing the Beacon Tracker, you will need setup your Custom Marketing Domain. If you have already done so, continue with the setup process below.

After adding or changing the tracking code, it can take approximately 15 minutes for the new tracking information to flow to the application.

  1. Click Settings > Other Settings > Beacon Settings.
  2. Click the Beacon icon.
  3. To active Beacon, click Enable.
  4. Select the Tracking Mode:
    • Standard Mode provides the most complete level of website metrics by automatically saving tracking information about every visitor to your website.
    • Opt-In with Opt-Out gives your website prospects a choice to either opt-in to having tracking information saved, or opt-out of having any tracking information saved. A one-time opt-out cookie will be placed to ensure prospects receive no further requests for permission to save the tracking information when they deny permission.
    • Opt-In Only Mode asks prospects for permission before saving the tracking information. Once a prospect grants permission, their experience will be similar to Standard Mode.
    • No Cookies Mode does not cookie your visitors at all. Visitors will not be tracked, and all visitors will appear as “anonymous” in Website Prospector. This mode is not recommended unless you must comply with strict privacy regulations.
  5. Click Select & Enable
  6. You will be provided a tracking code to copy and share with your webmaster. Copy the snippet of code and add it to your website, blog, and any other web pages that you want to track. A good place for it is at the end of the page, just before the tag. Act-On-hosted landing pages and forms automatically have the tracking script in their code.

Making changes to your Tracking Mode or simply disabling Beacon is as easy as enabling it.

  • Navigate to Settings > Other Settings > Beacon Settings
  • Click Change to set a new Tracking Mode. Once the new Tracking Mode is set, your all done.
  • Click Disable to disable the Beacon. A confirmation window will appear, click Disable.

If you change your tracking mode, you will need to replace your tracking code on each web page you have placed it.

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