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Adding Report Content Settings

The Website Prospector report contains numerous customization options, including filters based on assigned prospects and relevant anonymous site prospects.

This ensures superior prospecting that allows sales users to reach both active and potential prospects quickly to help close more deals.

Use the procedures below to filter your Report view and maximize your results.

Studies show that contacting a prospect within 24 hours of their website visit increases the chance of closing a deal by 20%; within an hour, 50%.

Filtering Anonymous Prospects by Territories

  1. Click Inbound > Website Prospector.
  2. Click More > Content Filters.
  3. Click --- all --- next to each user's name.
  4. Filter view based on area codes, postal codes, states, countries or visiting domain pages.
  5. Click Submit.

Note: Before selecting visiting domain pages, add your domain filters. The report will only include prospects who navigate to the specified domain.

Filtering Known Prospects by CRM Ownership

When known (cookied) prospects visit your site, you can also set up filters so that your sales users see only those prospects that they own, as well as any known prospects that are currently unassigned.

How Do you Identify Who Owns Whom?

  • On the Account Lists page, under the Contacts menu, there is a section called Sales Prospects.
  • Here you can identify which marketing lists in your Act-On account contain your organization's prospects and assigned sales rep information.
  • There are two lists areas that can be defined to allow you to focus on your general leads, as well as your active opportunities.

For users, there are specific easy-to-create reports that can be generated and pulled into Act-On. users can also choose to manually pull in lists of prospects and owners. See Identifying Sales Prospects Lists for further information on setting these lists up.

Prospects Report View Details

Once these lists are identified, both marketing users and sales users will see additional information on the Website Prospector page, and in their Website Prospector Daily Email Report.

Marketing Users

For marketing users, the Known Visitors tab on the Visitors page will continue to list all known prospects. Any visitors found in the Prospects Owned by Sales list will show with a blue person icon to the left of them, and visitors found in the Prospects in Active Opportunities list will include a green person icon to the left of them. All other unassigned known prospects will show with an orange person icon.

Hovering over each icon will identify which sales user owns that prospect, or if it is an unassigned marketing prospect.

Sales Users

When a sales user logs in and views the Website Prospector Page; they will see two tabs for known prospects – Leads & Contacts and Marketing Prospects. The first tab contains their prospects as defined by the Sales Prospects Lists, and the second tab contains all of the unassigned known prospects visiting the site. Prospects found in the Prospects Owned by Sales List will include a blue person icon to the left of them, and Prospects found in the Prospects in Active Opportunities list will include a green person icon to the left of them. All other unassigned known prospects will include an orange person icon.

If you choose not to connect any lists in the Sales Prospects area, your sales users will continue to see all known prospects that visit your site.



In order for assigned prospects to show in either the Leads & Contacts Tab or the Marketing Prospects Tab for sales users, or the Known Prospects tab for marketing users, they must first be cookied. This means they have engaged with your marketing efforts previously, by either clicking a link in an Act-On email campaign or submitting an Act-On form. If one of your assigned prospects has not yet engaged with you this way, their visits will show in the Anonymous Visitor tab until they perform an action that lets us identify them.

The visitors displayed on the Website Prospector page are separated by tabs, to help quickly and easily identify interesting visitors coming to your company's web site:

  • Anonymous Visitors – See all unknown visitors, or see only unknown visitors from territories you've defined in the Visitor Report Content Settings page.
  • Known Visitors – Known, cookied prospects that have come to your site. Choose to see all, or add filters based on sales ownership of prospects defined in your Sales Prospects lists. If you choose to identify leads and contacts assigned to sales reps, sales users will see the Known Visitors tab replaced by two tabs: Leads & Contacts, and Marketing Prospects.
  • Customers – Anonymous visitors or known prospects that have been manually marked as customers from the Customer Names Settings page, located on the More menu at the top of the page.
  • ISPs:– Anonymous visitors that have been manually marked as ISPs from the ISP Names Settings page, located on the More menu at the top of the page. 
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