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Adding Web Page Names


The Website Prospector report identifies your beaconed web pages by their URLs by default.

Use the Web Page Name Settings tab to make your Website Prospector Report more user-friendly and easier to read by giving descriptive names to your pages.

  • Click on Inbound > Website Prospector > More > Page Names to see the list of all URLs ever visited for any page that has the Act-On tracking beacon.
    • In this list, each URL has an editable web page name mapped to it.
    • If you edit the page name in the right-hand field, any time that page is reported on in the Act-On system, your web page name will be shown instead of the URL.
  • Use the Dynamic Pages button to identify query string parameters that should be reported on as unique pages. See the article Identifying Dynamic Pages for further information.

Please note: If you use the same name for multiple different web pages, they will appear as a single page in your reports.

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