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Tips for Web Page H1 SEO


Headlines help your audience understand what a page is about and to quickly navigate to the sections that interest them.

Search engines understand this, and look at content with Heading tags (<h1>) to help understand what a page is about. It’s important to keep this text to headline length. If you have a paragraph of text in a <h1> tag, search engines will think it is spam. Try to limit your Heading tags to 10 or fewer words (65 or fewer characters, including spaces).

Follow these tips to improve SEO of headings:

  • An effective H1 Heading tag is shorter than 65 characters.
    • Search engines will index the entire H1 heading, but if it’s too long they will discount it as spam. The H1 heading should be a short description of what visitors can see on the page.
  • The H1 heading should accurately describe the page.
    • It is extremely important to use your focus keyword in the H1 heading. This is the word (or phrase) you want searchers to find your page for. They are far more likely to stay on the page if they see the keyword in the heading.
    • It is best to use the focus keywords in exactly the same order as they are used in the rest of the page (e.g. 'diabetes symptoms' is different than 'symptoms of diabetes'), but it isn’t mandatory. Using the words in the same order that searchers use is a strong indicator to them that the page is relevant to what they are looking for.
    • You have only 65 characters (including spaces) to communicate what the page is about. Use the focus keyword just once.
    • Make sure the H1 heading corresponds with the reasons people would visit the page.
    • The H1 heading should be different than the Title tag.
  • Put the focus keyword early in the H1 heading.
    • It’s best to use the focus keyword starting in the first 10 characters of the H1 heading, but do not sacrifice a great heading to force this.
    • Google attributes more value to the first words in a heading than the last ones. 
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