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Unpublishing a Landing Page

This guide explains how to unpublish a Landing Page and redirect any traffic to a specific URL. You may need this ability if the content on your Landing Page no longer applies, or if you have a new page to replace an older one.

First, you should set up a global redirect URL to be used as the default for all unpublished pages.

Set the Global Redirect URL

  1. Navigate to Settings > Other SettingsCustom Account Settings
  2. Click the edit (pencil) icon
  3. Insert your desired redirect URL in the pop-up box

Note: You must include the 'http'/'https' portion of the URL to validate.

Unpublish the Landing Page

  1. Navigate to ContentLanding Pages
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to your Landing Page and choose Edit
  3. Click the Properties tab
  4. Click the Disable/Enable slider
  5. Under Redirect URL, you can choose your redirect preference:
    • Global – the default link you set up above
    • Individual – a manually entered URL of your choice
    • Landing Page – a published landing page of your choice
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