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Organizing Your Landing Pages


In your landing page content library, you can organize your landing pages into multiple folders, sort them, and add favorites for quick access.

To create folders:

  1. Click on Content, and choose Landing Pages.
  2. Hover over the Default Folder, and click Manage at the top (Manage will not appear until you hover over a folder).
  3. Click Add at the bottom left.
  4. Enter the name for the folder, and click Add.
  5. Hover over any of the created folders, and you can delete or move them by dragging-and-dropping.
  6. Click Save.

As you create landing pages, you can click on the star icon to save it to the Favorites folder.  In addition to saving it as a favorite, you can conduct the following actions:

  • Preview the landing page
  • Edit the landing page
  • Make a copy of the page
  • Move it to a different folder
  • Delete the landing page
  • Generate public URLs for the landing page
  • Publish it to social media using Social  Publish
  • View the landing page activity report
  • Generate a search engine audit through Act-On Inbound
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