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Rich Text in Landing Pages


Using the Rich Text block you are able to add copy to your landing page quickly and style it to fit with the overall design and feel of your page.

The Rich Text block provides a variety of ways to add your copy, links, and various Act-On assets. 

Once you have added an Empty Section to your landing page, you can add Rich Text blocks.

Add or Edit Text

  1. Click and drag the Rich Text block into the section.
  2. Enter your copy into the text editor.
  3. To format or style text, highlight the portion of the text you would like to style and choose from the various options within the Rich Text block.

The Rich Text block uses a transparent background so you can drop the block over any image or background color you would like and style your text accordingly.

Using Google Fonts

Google Fonts can be found and used from within the Landing Page Composer under the Design Tab > Layout > Font Family.

By default you will have access to what Google considers to be the most popular fonts, but if you have a certain Google Font in mind - simply start typing the name of the font you would like to use and the selector will generate the options that match.

The first row of icons in the Rich Text block will allow you to control the text format, size, and font type.

Formats - Allows you to modify headings, inline CSS, blocks, and alignment.

Font Sizes - Set your font sizing from 7pt to 18pt. 

Need larger font sizes?

If you are unfamiliar with inline CSS, you can simply highlight the text and set a random font size. Click the Source Code icon and find the text you just resized and enter the font size you would like. For example, you choose 12pt. Find 12pt in the source code and change the "12" to the font size you would like.

Font Family - Choose from the various font families we offer. If you are comfortable with code, you can always expand your font choices using Google Fonts. 

Within the 2nd row of icons you will find the tools to align or indent your text quickly, and create ordered/unordered lists. Click the drop-down on either list icon for control over the list icon styles.

In the bottom row of icons you will find the options to bolditalicize, set text color, or set the text background color.

When creating a landing page, you can insert hyperlinks to any URL. Hyperlinks are considered a call-to-action within your landing page, and allow your prospects to interact with the landing page directly.

Insert existing content from within your Act-On account. After clicking the Insert Act-On Content icon you will have the option to choose from your image library, form links, landing page links, media links, and personalization.

If you have images hosted outside of Act-On you can easily add them to your landing page by clicking the Insert/Edit Image icon.

The image will display in the rich text editor in the same format as it was uploaded and originally sized. To resize the image, select it and drag the sides or corners to the desired size. If the inserted image is not the intended image, select the image and click the Delete key on your keyboard. Additional options for resizing and editing the properties of an image are available by clicking Insert/Edit Image.

The image can be re-sized by clicking on the image and dragging the sides or corners to your desired size. An additional method for resizing and manipulating the image is available by clicking the icon that allows you to insert or edit the image.

If you are familiar with working with HTML, you can modify the source code for your Rich Text block.

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