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Image and Media File Best Practices

Act-On supports many types of image and media files to upload and use in your marketing materials. However, there are several ways to optimize your media to be more successful.

These tips are focused on images, but the same points apply to other file types.

Image size

Sizing images appropriately can make for a better user experience, but also better email deliverability for the following reasons:

  • Many corporate IT departments have strict limits on email content and total message size
  • Email providers can mark emails as spam purely based on size
  • Long email load times can detract from open and click rates, particularly on mobile devices

Tips for Success

  • Use an image compression tool – many free options are available, and loss of quality is minimal
  • Ensure that your email message stay below 100 kilobytes total, including images
  • Keep individual images below 20 kilobytes

Naming and storage

Since email providers pay attention to image names, alt text, and other metadata when scanning emails, it's important to consider these factors while managing your files. In addition, organizing your files well can save you significant time and hassle in the long run.

Tips for Success

  • Use descriptive file names, including prefixes and suffixes
    (eg, "Fr1-First Image: Bastille Day is Coming-SgCEOs" for your first image in a France campaign targeting a segment of company CEOs)
  • Aim to organize your files so that a new employee on your team could understand the system on their own
  • Give your folders specific names to match their purpose
  • Avoid duplicate names are impossible. While there are some method by which computers can compensate for identical file names, none of them are without performance trade-offs.
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