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Image Editor Guide

Use this guide for information on how to use the Image Editor feature within the Act-On Image Library. This tool allows you to make basic changes to your uploaded images including rotate, crop, and flip.

Accessing the Image Editor


Act-On provides a convenient way to make basic edits to images right within your account. You can access the Image Editor in two places:

  1. Content > Image Library

  1. Content > Branding > Logos


Simply locate the image file you want to edit, hover over it and click on Edit.

Using the Image Editor


After you click on Edit, the Image Editor opens in a new browser tab:

You can edit the image file with the following controls:

  • Rotate
  • Flip (horizontal and vertical)
  • Aspect ratio (enforces an aspect ratio when selected)
    • Free
    • Portrait
    • Square
    • Landscape
  • Crop
  • Tilt

You can Undo any changes by clicking on this icon:   

The Cancel button will close the editor window.

The Save button will open a change confirmation window. The saved image will overwrite the existing image. A Save-As option is not currently provided.

Known issues:

  • Some .png image files are not currently editable. We’re working on a resolution.
  • When returning to the Image Library or Logos page, the edited image does not update in the preview window unless the browser is refreshed.
  • Save-as option that would create a new version of the image while keeping the old version is not currently supported.
  • We have plans to enhance the editing functionality to include:
    • Displaying image dimensions within the editor.
    • Allowing you to set desired dimensions.


Happy editing!

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