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Enabling e-Commerce for New Forms

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Describe the process of enabling e-commerce on Act-On forms to collect payment
  • Enable the e-commerce feature of an Act-On form
  • Identify general use case scenarios
  • Identify when the e-commerce feature should not be used
You can enable e-commerce on your Act-On form to collect payments via PayPal or donations via
  1. In your PayPal Business account, choose the Tools menu and select All Tools
  2. Select PayPal Buttons
  3. Select the Buy Now button
  4. Enter the Item Details and Price in Step 1
    Note: Do not add multiple items via the drop down menus
  5. In Step 3, add any redirects for when a user completes or cancels the transaction
  6. Click Create Button
  7. Click the Email tab and copy the URL that appears
  1. ​​​​​Hover over the form you would like to collect payments and click the Edit (pencil) icon
  2. On the Properties page, click Response Page
  3. In the Response Page slideout, paste your PayPal Button Link URL in the Redirect URL box

Accept Donations via

You can set up donations on a form easily if you have a PayPal personal or business account.

  1. Claim your specific link by going to
  2. Adjust your link to request a value, if desired:
    1. Allow the end user to set the value: (replace “mylink” with your custom username link)
    2. Request a specific amount: (replace “mylink” as above and “amount” with a dollar amount, e.g. 50.00)
  3. Use this URL in your form redirect (see Add PayPal Button steps above)
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