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Posting External Forms to Act-On

The best way to collect customer data in Act-On is through our native forms. If your website uses a custom form that cannot be rebuild in Act-On, it is possible to push that form's submissions into the Act-On system.

WordPress users: See the article External Form integration for WordPress 

For advanced solutions involving Javascript, see Posting External Forms to Act-On with Custom Code.

Generate an external post URL, then add it to your existing custom form's <form action=""> attribute. If you already have this attribute in use on the form, that code will have to be removed.

This method does not capture _REFERRER, _SEARCH, or other similar metadata. These are captured with Act-On's native forms.

  1. In your account, click on Content Form Post URLs. Here you may generate an external post URL for a pre-existing Act-On form by clicking the Get Form Post URL button.
  2. Select a form from the drop-down menu
  3. Give the form a tag/Source Name for the URL (e.g., Good AdWords Campaign)
  4. Make sure the input Field Names match between your Act-On form and your external form.
  5. On your web page, add the external post URL to the form HTML as an “action” attribute.
    Example: <form action=”http://yourcompanyname.actonsoftware...001/d-ext-0001”>

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