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Act-On Software

Tracking Form Submissions from Different Marketing Channels

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users, Web Developers

  • Learn how to track form submissions from different marketing avenues via multiple Public URLs
  • Create multiple form Public URLs
Act-On makes it easy to present a form that accepts contact information (such as newsletter signups and event registrations) and stores that information in a dedicated list so that you can use them for invitations, promotions, follow-ups, and other mailings.

With the Act-On form's Public URL, you can include a link to the form on your website or in a message, or embed the form in one or more of your site's web pages. You can define multiple usage contexts (referring to the fact that the form is used in different contexts) to track those individual pages and messages separately as sources of the form submission.

For example, if you embed a registration form on one web page, place a link to it on two more web pages, and include it in an announcement message and a follow-up message, you can track which of those marketing avenues is most effective at acquiring registrants. You can create five Public URLs for the same Act-On form, and you can title them 'Home page', 'Coming Events page,' 'About This Event page,' 'Event Announcement campaign,' and 'Event Follow-Up campaign.'

Follow the steps below to create multiple form Public URLs:

  • Click on Content, and click Forms.
  • Hover over the form, and click the down-arrow.
  • Click Get Public URLs.
  • Click the New URL button.
  • Enter a name that is different from any of the others already listed.
  • Click Create
  • Once created, simply distribute a new URL for each respective usage content. The URL used to submit the form will be reflected in the form's signup list.
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