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Allowing Forms on External Domains

If you embed forms on external pages, this is an important step towards keeping form submissions secure. By defining which domains a Form is intended to work with, we can prevent submissions from illegitimate sources that could corrupt or pollute your data. 

Forms embedded in external pages with undeclared domains will not render on those pages. Instead, visitors will see the following error message.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.59.18 AM.png

To resolve this error, simply add the domain of that page to the "External Domains" section of the Form and save your changes. The configuration change will be applied automatically and your Form will be displayed.

Please note: You can whitelist frequently used domains for all of your forms on the Custom Account Settings page. Just be sure that these domains are trusted, since submissions from them will be accepted by default.

To ensure that your externally embedded Forms function properly, please add the domain names of each page in which your Form is embedded by following the steps below. Going forward, you will be unable to access a Form’s embed code until at least one domain has been added.

  1. Navigate to the Embed tab of your Labs Form.
  2. Open the External Domains slideout and add the domains of all external pages where your Form will be embedded to the provided input fields.
  3. Once you’ve added all domains, open the Embed Code slideout to access your Default Embed Code, which can now be used on any page associated with the listed domains.
  4. When embedding your Form in additional domains be sure to add those to the External Domains list. No need to do so when adding a Form to new pages of a domain that you’ve previously listed.
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