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Generating Form Alerts


Form submission alerts enable a specified individual to be alerted via email when an Act-On form is submitted. The alert email will contain all information the form submitter provided, as well as a timestamp, and optional information about the visitor's location based on geoIP*

To add or change form submission alerts:

  • Click Content, and click Forms.
  • Edit an existing form or create a new form.
  • Click Next.
  • Scroll down to Alerts.
There are also checkboxes here to trigger alerts for "Someone in that user's territory (as defined on the Report Content Settings page)" and "A lead or contact owned by that user (as defined in the Sales Prospects section of the Account Lists page)".


  • Report Content Settings can be defined under Inbound > Website Prospector, then click More, followed by Website Prospector Content Settings. These options allow you to associate specific regions or pages with marketing or sales users.
  • Account Lists can be found under Contacts Account Lists. This section enables you to define associations between a representative within your organization and a unique lead within your list. For instance, if your CRM auto-assigns sales representatives to new leads, you will want to point Prospects Assigned To Sales at an up-to-date list of this rep-lead pairing.

Please note:

geoIP bases a person's location based on the general geographic location usually associated with their IP address. Individuals using a VPN service or some ISPs may use an IP from outside their region, so geoIP may not always be accurate.

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