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Pushing Signups to a CRM

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

Pushing form submission data to your CRM allows Act-On to create new lead records in your CRM automatically.

To set a form to write all submissions to your CRM:

  1. Click Content > Forms
  2. Create a new form, or edit an existing form
  3. In the Properties tab, click CRM Settings and check the box for Push Sign-up Data to [CRM] (Act-On will show the name of the CRM connected to your account)
  4. Choose the check boxes for the sync settings - you can write new data with each submission, overwrite existing data, add to CRM campaigns, etc.
    • If you choose Add a Note to [CRM], the form submission will be added to each contact's Activity History in your CRM – it will appear as 'Act-On Signup: [Form name]'
  5. Save your form

Note: It's highly recommended that the form include at least the Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Company fields. Please check minimum field requirements for your CRM to create a new lead record.

To only push specific fields from the form to your CRM, follow these steps:

  1. Set your form submissions to push to CRM using the steps above
    • In the form settings, make sure to select the Use sign-up list's Push settings to select Fields option
  2. Navigate to Contacts > Other Lists > Form Submissions
  3. Click the drop-down arrow for the appropriate form submission list
  4. Choose Import/Export > Push to 'CRM' (Act-On will show the name of your connected CRM)
  5. Enable the Push to 'CRM' checkbox
  6. ​Enable the Update existing records option
  7. Click Select Push-Update Fields
  8. Identify which fields the Act-On form will be able to update
  9. Click Save
  10. Click Save

Note: There is no need to schedule anything on this page as this will occur when someone submits the form.

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