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Progressive Profiling in New Forms

You can use progressive profiling to show dynamic content in forms.

These fields are presented to form visitors gradually over time based on the number of empty fields you elect to show on each visit and what is already known about that visitor. Progressive profiling fields that have been filled, either from the underlying list or by the visitor themselves, are not shown on subsequent visits - but instead replaced with new questions.

Set up progressive profiling

  1. Navigate to Content > Forms
  2. Click the blue (+) button
  3. Select between the options to create a New Form from scratch, start from a Template Form or convert a Classic Form
    Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 9.23.44 AM.png
  4. Add your desired form Properties in the first tab and then navigate to the Design tab
  5. In the left navigation menu under ‘Section,' select Progressive Profiling

Please note:

Form blocks placed inside of Progressive Profiling sections are used for repeat visits, while blocks placed outside of these sections will be shown on every visit.

Pro Tip:

Since these fields are contained within their own section, you don’t have to worry about your standard form fields shifting around – they’ll stay put!

Please Note:

If your visitor does not fill out a Progressive Profiling field on one visit, that field will continue to be shown on subsequent visits until they’ve completed it.

  1. Drag and drop a ‘New Section’ or ‘Saved Section’ into your form
  2. Add at least one visible input field (could include the ‘Text Box’, ‘Paragraph’, ‘Combo Box’ or ‘Date- but not the ‘Hidden Field’) to the section
    • This ensures that your audience won’t be shown a form without any fields once they’ve completed the questions in your profiling sections
  3. Drag and drop a ‘Progressive Profiling Section’ into your form
  4. In the ‘Edit Progressive Profiling Settings’ slideout, which appears automatically when a Progressive Profiling section is added, select the number of empty fields you want shown in that section on each visit and click ‘Ok’

    Please note:

    This setting is specific to each Progressive Profiling section. If multiple of these sections are present, multiple sets of fields will be shown simultaneously.

    • If you do not specify the number of empty fields, then one will be shown by default
  5. Add form fields to your Progressive Profiling section in the order you’d like them to appear
    • Only visible input field blocks can be added to Progressive Profiling (including the ‘Text Box’, ‘Paragraph’, ‘Combo Box’ or ‘Date- but not the ‘Hidden Field’)
    • Multiple columns cannot be used in these sections, so these fields will be shown in a single column

Preview the Behavior

Once you’ve finished creating your form, navigate to the Review tab to see how your form will behave when filled out

  • Click on the section you want to test in the left navigation menu and check the boxes corresponding to the fields shown on the form
  • When you’ve completed the specified number of Empty Fields for that section (e.g. 2 fields out of 5 total) you’ll see the fields that would be shown on the next visit
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