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Form Branding


Act-On forms can be branded using various branding content within your account. If you have CSS experience or access to the services of a web developer, you can customize a form's look and feel using custom CSS directly within the form editor.

You'll be able to customize the branding of the form using the components below. These components are available in the 1. Listing step of the form editor near the top of the page.

  • Stationery – Your account contains stock stationeries (see the left-hand drop-down menu) that will modify the border or wrapper around your form fields. If you've created and uploaded custom stationeries to your account, you will also find them listed here.
  • Logo – Customize the branding of your form with any of the logos that you've uploaded to your Act-On account. Click on the second drop-down menu, and choose from any of the available logos.
  • Font/Font size – Use the default font/font size for your form text, or identify a different font/font size in the third and fourth drop-down menus.
  • CSS – For users who have experience with CSS or have access to a web developer, customize the form settings, field styles, sizes, and error handling support directly in the form editor.
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