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Content Fragments and Saved Sections in Forms

Use Content Fragments and Saved Sections as 'templates' for parts of Forms. If you frequently use a form input or block that does not exist in the standard Form content blocks, save it to be easily reused later.


You often capture contacts' addresses on Forms via four fields: Street Address, Suite Number, State, and Country.

Instead of manually entering these four fields on every Form, you can use a pre-built Address fragment to save time. Also, this ensures that your Form fields are named and formatted consistently, which is extremely helpful for data accuracy in your lists.

Download Fragments from Content Catalog

Act-On's Content Catalog includes several fragments that you can import to use in your Forms. One example is the Address block referenced above.

To get a Content Fragment from the Content Catalog:

  1. Navigate to Content > Content Catalog
  2. Choose Content Fragments on the far right
  3. Click any fragment to preview it
  4. Click Download to instantly add the fragment to your account

Save a New Fragment or Section

Content Fragment

  1. While editing a form block, click the Save icon to save it as a Content Fragment
  2. Give the fragment a name and designate a folder

Saved Section

Saved Sections work the same way as fragments, but for multiple blocks. In the example below, the section is a combination of the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields, which is a very common use of this feature.

  1. Add the desired Form blocks to a single section
  2. Hover over the section and click the gear icon in the top right
  3. Click the Save icon
  4. Give the section a name and designate a folder

Use Saved Fragments and Sections in Forms

Content Fragment

  1. Drag the Content Fragment block (in blue below) into the desired location on your Form
  2. Choose the relevant fragment from the list
  3. Click Submit

Saved Section

  1. Drag the Saved Section block (in blue below) into the desired location on your Form
  2. Choose the relevant section from the list
  3. Click Submit
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