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Using Double Opt-in


A double opt-in process can improve the quality of your lists, increasing deliverability of messages and lowering the chances for complete opt-outs. This article lists the steps to set up double opt-in with Act-On.

How It Works

  1. A form collects opt-ins updates your Master List
  2. Your Master List includes a segment of contacts who have opted in once and need the second confirmation
  3. An Automated Program runs to:
    1. Send an email that links to a landing page for confirmation
    2. Create a segment of contacts who’ve confirmed their opt-in
    3. Update your Master List to track single and double opt-ins

Process diagram:


Process Steps

1. Add Fields to Your Master List

  • Create a Master List with all of your existing contacts and add ‘Opt-In’ and ‘Double Opt-In’ fields
  • If you have a Master List, modify it to include these fields


2. Create Form for the First Opt-in

  • Create your new opt-in forms or modify existing forms to include an opt-in field
    • These forms should write to your Master List
  • Map your opt-in checkbox or radio button to write ‘True’ to the ‘Opt-In’ column when selected by the user


Best Practices:

  • Every form should include an opt-in field so that everyone added to your list goes through the double opt-in process
  • Enable prefill on the opt-in field so that visitors know what value (if any) they’ve already selected
  • Include a Google ReCaptcha on your forms to prevent bot submissions

Note: This workflow sends a confirmation message via an Automated Program to visitors who opt-in. If your forms send a confirmation email, visitors completing the form will receive multiple messages.

3. Create Landing Page for Double Opt-in Confirmation

  • Create a unique Landing Page to be shown once visitors have clicked the confirmation email we will create below
  • This page will appear when the customer has completed double opt-on, so it should state that they’ve successfully opted in


4. Create Message Requesting Confirmation

  • Create a message which will ask users to confirm their opt-in
  • Be sure to include a clear call to action (button) that links to the Landing Page you created in the last step


5. Create Segment to Track First Opt-in

Create an ‘Opt-In’ segment from your Master List based on the following criteria:

  • Behavior: Has submitted at least one of the opt-in Forms (select all that apply)
  • Profile: ‘Opt-In’ equals ‘True’
  • Profile: ‘Double Opt-In’ does not equal ‘True’


6. Create Segment to Track Second Opt-in

Create a ‘Double Opt-In’ sub-segment of your Opt-In segment based on the following criteria:

  • Behavior: Has clicked on the opt-in confirmation Message
  • Behavior: Has visited the opt-in confirmation Landing Page


7. Set up the Automated Program

Create a new Automated Program using these steps:

  1. Add your Master List under Source List
  2. Add your opt-in confirmation message template under Program Messages
  3. Add your Opt-In and Double Opt-In segments under Lists & Segments
  4. Set your program to Run Immediately so that it will be triggered as soon as a new visitor opts-in enters
  5. Add the following program steps under Program Flow
    1. Wait Until In
      • Select your Opt-In segment
    2. Send Email
      • Select your opt-in confirmation Message template
    3. Wait Until In
      • Select your Double Opt-In segment
      • Set the program to check at Specific Times: Every Day & Every Hour
    4. Change Field
      • Set the value of the Double Opt-In field of your Master List to True
  6. Select Done to save your program
  7. From the Overview page, choose Actions, then Start Program 
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