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Creating a Captcha Field

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Create a Captcha field within an Act-On form


You can add a Captcha field in Act-On forms for an extra measure of security. If you are seeing a large number of form submissions with blank or inconsistent data, you may have bots completing your forms - a Captcha field will prevent this.

Follow the steps below to add a Captcha field in your Act-On forms.

  1. Navigate to Content > Forms
  2. Create a new form, or edit an existing form
  3. Drag the Captcha block (shows the letters 'icg') into your form
  4. Click the Alignment drop-down, and choose center, left, or right alignment
  5. Click OK
  6. As a best practice, drag your Captcha to the bottom of the form, right above the Submit button
  7. Save your form
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