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Creating a Time and Place Field


When inviting a contact to an online meeting or offline event, use the Time & Place block to send them a downloadable iCal with all of your meeting information.

Within the event description, you can enter the event time and place including a map and any conference details you would like to include.

To add a Time & Place Information block to your form, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Content > click Forms.
  2. From the Forms page, select New Form in the upper right corner of the page, or edit an existing form.
    • When a new form is created, three default fields will appear: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address
  3. Hover over a block to access the submenu and select New.
  4. Select Time & Place Field. An Edit Time & Place Information box will appear.
  5. Once inside the editor you will notice that there are three rows of icons to help you customize your text. There are also additional Act-on-specific icons to assist you in accessing links to Act-On materials, inserting personalization, and creating layout structures for complex content. 
    • Within the Event Description area, you can enter any relative information about the event itself
    • Under the Event Description area, you can enter a time, duration, date, time zone, and address. You can also include a map to your event.
  6. Once you have completed the editing of your content, select the Submit button at the bottom.
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