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Creating a File Upload Field

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users, Web Developers

  • Outline the process for allowing file uploads with form submissions
  • Learn where to access the files submitted via the File Upload field


The File Upload field allows form submitters to upload documents with their form submissions.

For example, this could include resumes, article submissions, or statements of work. Files can be retrieved by accessing the Act-On list that collects the submissions.

Note: This functionality is only available in legacy Classic forms. This option was removed from new forms due to potential security concerns.

To use the File Upload field in a form:

  1. Click on Content > click Forms.  
  2. Edit an existing form, or create a new form.
  3. Hover over a field and click the New option.
  4. Click File Upload.
  5. Within the File Upload field, there are three areas that will appear:
    • Display Settings – This area contains fields that allow you to customize the portion of your form that is visible to your end users
    • Input Validation – This provides the option for you to require users to upload a file with their submitted form
    • Data Field Name – This will be the column name on the list created to collect signups for your form. In many cases the label and field name will be the same but on occasion you may want to ask your users a question (e.g., the label may read 'What is your favorite color?" and to keep your list manageable you may create a field name that says 'Color' for easy viewing on your list.).
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click 3. Finish.
  8. Click Done.

To access files submitted via the File Upload field in your form:

  1. Hover over the form, and click the green drop down arrow.
  2. Click Show Underlying List.
  3. Scroll to the appropriate field in the list.
  4. Click on the file directly.
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