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Creating a Password Field



The Confirm Password option allows you to let users create a password, confirm it, and automatically recognize a direct match in content. This field can be used for confirming most sensitive information. Characters typed in these form fields by the user will be masked with asterisks.

To set up the Confirm Password option:

  1. Click on Content > click Forms.  
  2. From the Forms page, click the New Form button in the upper right corner of the page. The new form will include two blocks by default: Section Heading and Name & Email Address. 
  3. Hover over one of the blocks and choose New to access the menu. Select Confirm Password.
  4. Within the Edit Password field, there are three areas that will appear every time you edit the block:
    • Display Settings – Contains fields that allow you to customize the portion of your form that is visible to your end users
    • Input Validation – Allows you to add validation options to require your text input field
    • Data Field Name  – This will be the column name on the list created to collect signups for your form.  In many cases the label and field name will be the same but on occasion you may want to ask your users a question (e.g. The label may read 'What is your favorite color?' and to keep you list manageable you may create a field name that says 'Color' for easy viewing on your list).
  5. Once you've finished editing your block, click Submit at the bottom of the dialog window to save your changes and return to the main form.
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