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Creating a Radio Button Field

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Learn how to create radio buttons in a form
  • Learn how to customize and validate your Radio Button fields


A radio button lets the user choose only one option from a list.

To create radio buttons in a form:

  1. Click on Content > click Forms.
  2. From the Forms page, select New in the upper right corner of the page (or edit an existing form).
    • When a new form is created, three default fields will appear: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
  3. Hover over a block to access the sub-menu and select New.
  4. Select Radio Button. An Edit Radio Buttons Field dialog window will appear with three editing areas: Display Settings, Input Validation, and Data Field Name.
    • Display Settings – Allows you to make multiple visual and field data customization's
    • Label – Enter a name or title that will appear above the radio button on the form
    • Layout – Choose from five display formats: Horizontal, Vertical, Vertical 2 Columns, Vertical 3 Columns, and Vertical 4 Columns
    • Radio Button Labels and Corresponding Values – Designate the selections or options users can choose from
      • Radio Button Labels is a customer-facing value, while Corresponding Values is a field association within Act-On. If you need more fields than the default , click the More button to add as many as you need.
    • Input Validation – Provides the option to make the radio buttons a required field for users
    • Data Field Name – This will be the column name on the list created to collect data for your form. In many cases the label and field name will be the same, but you may want to classify the answers in different verbiage relative to your label.
      • Each Radio Button field represents a single form field in Act-On and feeds a single column in the Signup list associated with your form. When you add or edit one of these blocks, you define a name for the form field. The final 'field mapping' of form fields to the list columns will take place on the Finish page of the form editor.
  5. Once you have finished, select the Submit button at the bottom of the dialog window.
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