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Aligning Form Field Labels


By default, Act-On form field labels are left-aligned similar to the screenshot below:

For a unique branding look and feel, the field labels can also be aligned to the center or right similar to the screenshot below:

Follow the steps below to customize the alignment of your Act-On form field labels.

  • Click on Content, and click Stationery to access the Stationery Library.
    • Locate a stock stationery that is similar to the branding that you want to use, and click the Download link on the upper right
    • Download the zip file for this stationery
  • Customize the stationery and its branding components outside of Act-On, if necessary.
  • Upload the zip file of the custom stationery using the Upload button.
  • View the stationery in the Stationery Library, and click Edit

Copy and paste the following code in the body CSS of the custom stationery using the HTML Editor, and then click Save. Please note the 'text-align: center' code.

.formFieldLabel {
padding-bottom: 2px; text-align: center


Once the custom stationery is built and saved, you can use it when creating your Act-On form. 

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