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Tracking Form Signups with Campaigns


You can dynamically track form signups in your Salesforce Campaigns or other campaigns. This lets you accurately measure your campaigns and their effectiveness.

If you are not using Salesforce, you can still do this using a custom URL for the page that hosts your form. This lets you view the results from your form's underlying list within your Act-On account.

See this page for detailed instructions.

When a form registrant submits the form, the Salesforce Campaign ID information will be specified in the _Campaign column of the associated Form Submissions list.

Taking the concept from adding form signups to a Salesforce campaign dynamically, we can do the same thing for non-CRM users that will populate the information in your underlying form signup list. If you choose to generate multiple public URLs to track unique traffic sources to your form, the _CAMPAIGN field will display the Campaign name assigned to a particular URL.

For example - You may tag the URL associated with your paid search campaign as 'Adwords.' This value would then show in the _CAMPAIGN field. Keep in mind this field can be mapped to any list field you would like to use a dynamic value for.

  1. Create a new form as you normally would or edit an existing form. If editing an existing form, move on to the next line.
  2. From the Form Listings page click the down-arrow > Get Public URLs.
  3. Click New URL and tag the URL with your campaign name - for example, Adwords. Keep in mind you can create a new URL for multiple campaigns, so if you have ads running on Google, Bing and a private network you will be able to use the same form and just create a URL for each.
  4. After a form is submitted you can view the campaign information from your underlying list of the form.

To push this data to your CRM, see this article.

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